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Where is nimh stronger than lithium batteries?
Release time:2019-06-26 | Publisher:admin
In my impression, Japanese companies are very rigorous and do things one by one. For the manufacturing industry, this is a responsible attitude towards consumers. Nimh battery energy density is much lower than lithium batteries, but Toyota had developed the prius these hybrid vehicles, lithium battery technology is not so mature, the first generation of prius is listed on the Japanese in 1997, think of the mobile phone is early nimh batteries, so that choose the nimh batteries are understandable.
Take the early motorcycle to talk about the Japanese style of doing things first, in the 1990s, the motorcycle has always been started with the foot lever, that is, it is very difficult to use the foot to send the car, for some old and weak groups, it is difficult to start the motorcycle. Later, Taiwanese invented the starter motor. They installed a dc motor for the engine and used the battery to drive the engine to start. However, wuyang Honda, the leader at that time, did not install this accessory for a long time, but used the foot start lever all the time. They should think that this new thing is not mature enough, so they waited a long time, found that everyone accepted this new way of starting, and finally improved it. Even a small motorcycle is so discreet that, for a car with higher reliability requirements, the Japanese are certainly not easily modified.
Lithium batteries have a large capacity, but the main body of hybrid or engine drive, from this point of view, the advantage of lithium is not very obvious to nickel metal hydride. For example, P4 USES lithium battery, which is only 10 kilograms lighter than nickel metal hydride, and the overall weight reduction is not too much. After bought sanyo and panasonic, nimh technology all in the hands of panasonic, Toyota has been cooperating on the project and panasonic, the prius on the market for more than 20 years, the product is stable and reliable, never heard of battery explosion or recycling, drive to scrap at most, only the battery in time, of course there is no need to struggle with this thing.
From the perspective of safety, how you play nimh will not happen lithium battery that kind of fire problem, just think, hybrid car battery is generally installed in the seat under, if it is a big lithium battery, if you know the truth, also really in the mind will not be too peaceful. Even tesla's lithium-ion hybrids have had their share of mishaps if they hit, but the nickel metal hydride battery is responsible for the prius's lack of reports of a similar fire and explosion in years.
Mixing requires repeated charge and discharge of batteries. Nickel-metal hydride batteries can be charged and discharged for tens of thousands of times if the capacity is controlled between 40% and 60%, and the life is much longer than that of lithium batteries. Ordinary lithium battery charging and discharging cycle is about 500 times, and nickel hydrogen can do 2000 times, car of course will be higher.
Lithium batteries require a very high level of management system, requiring protection plates and various balancing devices, and problems will occur if there is a slight difference in the consistency of the single unit. However, Toyota's nickel-metal hydride battery pack can achieve hundreds of batteries in series without the need for balance circuit, which is like the domestic two-wheel battery car has been using a lot of lead-acid batteries, simple and easy to use, who likes.
Low temperature is also a deadly killer, lithium-ion batteries have friends tried to outdoor lithium batteries wireless monitoring system, manufacturers provide lithium-ion batteries, nominal can work under 20 degrees below zero, the actual about 18 degrees below zero cannot work normally, the battery capacity is only 12%, almost all the mobile phones at minus 20 degrees can work more than 5 minutes. Many all-electric cars, powered by lithium-ion batteries, do not work well in the north because their capacity has plummeted and they cannot run on electric heaters.
Car is durable goods, ordinary start-up battery, all want to use the 3 years, and new energy vehicles, the battery can generally consider reliable use 10 years hundreds of thousands of kilometers, a product from r&d to listed, takes a long time road test can be in the hands of consumers, and consumers also after many years of use can be found that the problem, since the nimh batteries on the traditional hybrid has been very mature, the price is cheap, general thousands of yuan can be done, save gas, users can quickly recovery, has been approved by the consumer, how much more the supply chain of automobile industry does not mean that you can adjust immediately change, Why have to change lithium batteries.
Hybrid on the market at present, it seems that only a Toyota still use nimh, this is because it first market this kind of product, design, considering the characteristics of the battery and mechanical precision, applied for a patent, other manufacturers can only avoid the barriers, and lithium battery has started to mature now cheaper, why want to walk this path?
In fact, the technology continues to develop, and if the energy density of nimh is high, it will not be replaced by lithium batteries. Early mobile phones were all nickel-metal hydride batteries, which are now lithium batteries. However, the Japanese camry hybrid of the eighth generation has used lithium ion batteries, but the American version and gac Toyota still use nickel metal hydride. With the mature and stable lithium batteries, plug-in hybrid also USES lithium batteries, pure electric of course. Also said back to the beginning of the point of view, Japanese cautious, became the United States and Chinese in pure electric output, dramatically one thousand all-electric really walk through this road, this cautious conservative, also just can let the Japanese are out, of course this is just a possibility, indeed Toyota in the breakthrough of the fuel cell, it is difficult struggle.
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